Central Heating Upgrades

Fixes and Upgrades for Central Heating Systems

No central heating job is too big or too small

Only Fix What’s Broken

When there’s a problem with one small aspect of your heating system, so many companies will insist on performing a complete rehaul of your central heating system. This isn’t cost effective at all.

Carbon Monoxide

If your boiler is broken, it can leak carbon monoxide. This can be deadly without a working carbon monoxide detector.

Radiators Aren't Working

In the colder months, not having working radiators is extremely uncomfortable. Your house is cold and it's difficult to dry laundry. You require a radiator replacement for your home.

Thermal Efficiency

Inefficient central heating systems are likely to cost you more money on your heating bills each month.

Look no further than Innovation

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If you need work done on your central heating system, look no further than Innovation. No central heating job is too small or too large, and we’re just as happy replacing faulty valves as we are replacing an entire boiler.

Why Choose Innovation Bathrooms

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No Job’s Too Big or Too Small

At Innovation Bathrooms we won’t insist on replacing your entire central heating system just to fix a faulty gasket. We’re as happy doing the small jobs as we are doing the larger ones.

Perfect Central Heating for a Safer Home

Modern central heating systems are far less likely to leak dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide into your home. This makes your home much safer.

Trusted Tradesmen

We are accredited tradesmen, operating on a system of trust and honesty. We also only work with other trusted tradesmen so you can ensure that you’re getting a great repair or upgrade.

Thermally Efficient

If your boiler and heating system is working correctly, it won't draw unnecessary amounts of power to heat your home. This will save you money long-term.

All done efficiently and neatly. Overall Joe did an excellent job, very friendly and helpful. – A Customer in Southampton

user Excellent job

Peter is very helpful, responded promptly and did the work as promised. He identified the problem with our heating and arranged to fix it at a time when we were closed to the public. I would recommend him for any plumbing job. – A Customer in Southampton

user Change of valves to heating system, flush out and refill

We’re equipped for any central heating job. Contact us today!

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